June 12, 2018, 6:30pm

Chinese Alliance Church, 2803 S Orcas St, Seattle, WA

CPPS has been struggling to maintain funding for its work for some time.  We have recently begun exploring an opportunity to integrate our parent leadership development and training work into the youth and community development vision of SPIN – the Stem Paths Innovation Network. As a board, we are making the decision to prioritize continuing the work over continuing the organizational structure of CPPS, but there are some decisions still to make.

We would like to invite you to participate in an annual meeting/celebratory dinner on Tuesday, June 12th at the Chinese Alliance Church on Beacon Hill.  We will enjoy Chinese cuisine and celebrate over 10 years of CPPS history, while imagining a future with or without a volunteer CPPS team.  Please RSVP by Jun 6 to stephaniej@cppsofseattle.org or nelricam@cppsofseattle.org.

At CPPS of Seattle, we educate, engage and mobilize parents to promote equitable, quality public schools. OUR PLEDGE: We learn from each other so that schools can meet students’ diverse needs.


THE RIPPLE EFFECT: One parent can nurture dozens of students in schools that most need to close the gap. Imagine the impact of 100! We train parents as tutors while also nurturing their leadership skills, so they, in turn, can mentor other parents who want to make a difference.

We’ve trained hundreds of people, at dozens of schools, across multiple languages – reaching into some of the most diverse neighborhoods in our state.

Train the Trainers event September 2017

DID YOU KNOW? Family ties are essential – as important as school leadership and professional capacity of the faculty. Turns out that when it comes to dramatically improving, and sustaining, student achievement, schools really can’t do it alone. Read more, here.

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