Welcome! Students win when we work together

At CPPS of Seattle, we educate, engage and mobilize parents to strengthen public schools

Coach Flora Ybarra and guests at our 2014 annual meeting

Coach Flora Ybarra and guests at our 2014 annual meeting

  • Equity and excellence for all students
  • Parent leadership training to ensure effective engagement
  • Parent-to-parent networks to build community and support for students

We learn from each other so that schools can meet students’ diverse needs.



CPPS of Seattle urges a yes vote on both the Operations Levy and the Capital Levy (BTA IV).  These critical levies are both up for renewal in February.

The Operations Levy provides a quarter of the funds needed to operate Seattle Public Schools, including critical teaching and instructional programs. The Capital Levy (BTA IV) will provide much needed funding to expand school capacity and support classroom technology, academics and athletics. Please vote yes!


Just imagine: Trained tutors in every class. Now layer in deep and trusting relationships between parents and teachers, diverse role models for students, and strong ties between school and community. Oh, and extra eyes, ears and hands ready to help just when kids need it.

You can make this happen.

Join us for lunch April 1 and help us grow Parent Volunteer Mentorship, an acclaimed program that breaks through barriers of language, culture and income to transform the very nature of relationships between family and school … and gives students a whole lot of support along the way. Luncheon donations also support our roll out of A Better Way: The Charles Rolland Initiative for Public Engagement.

Register today!



Our certificated instructors can come to your school or organization. We provide translation services, and supervised activities for children.

We’ve trained hundreds of  parents at dozens of schools, across multiple languages – reaching into some of the most diverse neighborhoods in our state.

Coach Vera Brooks, left, and board member Darrell Powell

Former coach Vera Brooks, left, and board member Darrel Powell

DID YOU KNOW? Family ties are essential – as important as school leadership and professional capacity of the faculty. A study of 200 schools over seven years found five essential components of school success. Turns out that when it comes to dramatically improving, and sustaining, student achievement, schools really can’t do it alone. Read more, here.

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