Vision, mission and values


This is what we do

Our vision: Our community guarantees an excellent public education for all children

Our mission: We educate, engage, and mobilize parents to promote equitable, quality public schools

Our values:

  • Continually learn as an organization
  • Strive to understand disparity
  • Value parents’ input, respecting what they bring to the table
  • Ensure the board reflects and represents the communities in which we work
  • Ensure that our work is culturally competent
  • View and check our work through lenses of social justice
  • Have honest conversations and learn in public
  • Invest in reflection
  • Work with people and for them
  • Prioritize educational equity

Our priorities:

  • Equip and educate parents so they can thoughtfully and confidently participate in their local schools
  • Develop leaders so they can foster parent connections in their neighborhoods
  • Mobilize parents by giving them tools and resources to take action in their communities, and information that helps them evaluate policies and practices that affect public education
  • Ensure our organization is able to meet the diverse needs of parents in our communities
  • Strengthen communities
  • Advance public schools
  • Work to ensure Seattle Public Schools offers all its students an equitable, quality education
  • Help implement policy and practice that nurtures strong parent engagement
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