Together we can build equitable, quality schools

  • Do you support public schools?
  • Do you support parent engagement in public schools, and in their children’s education?
  • Do you want to preserve the American tradition and ideal of free, open, non-discriminatory, publicly funded, democratically governed public schools?

Yes? Then join the movement!

Whether you want to donate your expertise or resources, or just lend your voice, by joining CPPS of Seattle you are helping to create and support a system where schools are prized community resources and parents are fully engaged partners.

It’s free

As a charity, we’re organized as a membership association, and there is a strong grassroots mentality behind that.

  • We want members to guide us
  • We need members from across the city and with diverse perspectives to keep us relevant

What does it mean to be a member? It’s a vote of support, and if you attend our annual meeting you can vote on our officers and budget.

Investing in the big picture

Our focus is different from school-based nonprofits, like PTAs or booster clubs. Often parent groups are organized to support a specific school with fund-raising or run enrichment programs. We are bigger picture: We support and advance public schools, and we do it by educating, engaging and mobilizing parents and community to become full partners, both in their child’s education and in the oversight of schools.

  • We believe every parent has insight and expertise to offer.
  • We believe our schools can better meet the diverse needs of all children when they listen to and act on that insight, and when they embrace what parents have to share.

Children face many hurdles in their path to becoming engaged citizens. At CPPS of Seattle, we work to keep home-school divides and cultural barriers off that list, and we work to ensure every child has access to a well-supported, equitable, quality public school.

All donations welcome

Of course, if we’re going to run our training and mentoring programs and keep up our communications we need funds. We deeply appreciate donations of any amount.


Please complete the following form and pay-as-you-will membership fee through the PayPal link below.

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Or, join by mail

Please include your name and email address, and make a check out to CPPS of Seattle. If you like, let us know where your children attend school, if you’re interesting in bringing our training to your community, or if you want to join our Parent Leadership Corps.

Mail your membership to:

CPPS of Seattle,  P.O. Box 23055,  Seattle, WA 98102


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