Parent Engagement Programs


Parent Engagement Program

The premise is straightforward: Authentically engage parents and improve schools in the process.

But while all parents have insight and expertise to share, families do not engage equally in schools. Many wrestle with language or cultural barriers, or feel isolated by a child’s disability. Others simply don’t know where to start.

At CPPS of Seattle, we educate, engage, and mobilize parents to strengthen public schools, focusing first on personal empowerment.

  • We develop trainers
  • Identify and support emerging leaders
  • Equip parents with tools for productive engagement
  • Facilitate parent-to-parent support to help families navigate institutions.

Our Parent Engagement Program, developed by our national office, can be tailored to meet the spectrum of support needed.


The PEP curriculum provides seven strands of professional development:

  • Parent Leadership
  • Communication and Engagement in Education
  • Technology Quest
  • Skill Building for Family Learning
  • Data and Accountability
  • Community Connections
  • Early Childhood Development

Each strand has performance standards, including an anchor competency designed to support schools, parents, and communities in their work to improve student learning. It’s versatile and can be tailored to meet each site’s needs.

PEP helps districts and schools fulfill requirements for Title 1 Parental Involvement, School Improvement Grants, Race to the Top Grants, and other federal, state, and local program initiatives. PEP is particularly beneficial to districts and schools identified for improvement because of its flexibility and effectiveness in engaging all stakeholders in the improvement process.

Classes are led by certificated trainers; at CPPS of Seattle we now have more than a dozen volunteers and coaches ready to work with their communities and build parent-to-parent networks.

20 years on the front lines

Parents for Public Schools® has been on the front lines of public education for more than 20 years. Our national office provides consulting and leadership training services, and works to raise standards, solve problems and advocate for the community.

PEP parents learn to identify academic barriers at home, at school, or in the community and work to decrease those barriers.  We help them develop their own personal leadership skills so that they can effectively work with educators, students and other parents to help students succeed.”

– Parents for Public Schools


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