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Smarter Balanced tests results are in, and most Seattle students did … OK

Statewide, proficiency rates are lower than under the old standards, but generally higher than what state officials expected. Seattle students continue to score higher than state average, especially in math.  Students affected by the gaps, though, continue to struggle with proficiency, at least as measured by the state assessments.

For grades 3-8 in Seattle:

Proficiency rates in the more rigorous Common Core English language arts ran 61 to 66 percent, depending on the grade.


sps ela 2014


state ela 2014

Proficiency rates in new Common Core math standards were lower, running between 56 and 64 percent.


sps math 2014


state math 2014

Testing opt out rates in Seattle for grades 3 to 8 ranged from 5 percent (3rd grade) to 11 percent (8th). Students were more likely to opt out of math, and more likely to opt out in higher grades.

The science test didn’t change; 71 percent of 5th-graders in Seattle Public Schools scored proficient or better, and 67 percent of 8th-graders scored proficient or better. That’s down slightly from past years.


sps science 2014

For 11th-graders:

Most juniors opted out of the test last year. There was no English language arts score for 76 percent of the juniors, and no math score for 80 percent.


On track for career and college ready?

Here is how Seattle 8th-graders did on the English language arts:

sps 8th grade ELA

And here is how they did on math:

sps 8th grade math

Theoretically, those achieving a level 3 or 4 in 11th grade will be on target to graduate ready for at least a 2-year college or technical program. Those falling in the level 1 or 2 range may need to take remedial courses before starting a post-secondary course of study. Currently, about half of the state graduates enrolled in 2-year programs need to take remedial math, English, or both before starting their program.

Different story for kids affected by the gaps:

When you sort the data by subgroups, however, entrenched gaps remain.

sps 8th reading AYP 2014

sps 8th math AYP

You can explore the data by state, district and school from the state superintendent’s website. Sup. Dorn’s press release is here.

Background on how the achievement levels were set is here.


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